Well drilling on layer groundwater

Did you know that water well on layer groundwater deals always with drilled well? A drilled well on layer groundwater is made by double ply gear tube up to the tapping layer groundwater. Water well on layer groundwater through tapping has to be made by gear tube with two different diameters of pipes.

To deter the pollution from top to the water bearing stratum, the pipe with a bigger diameter is put down up to the confining layer above the water bearing stratum. Then it is drilled with a drill head of smaller diameter into the water bearing stratum and a so-called filter pipe is placed in.

The perforated or slotted filter pipe is coated by filter cloth according to the grain structure of the water bearing stratum. There is a grit channel of 3-5 mm deep under the perforated layer. Diameter of the gear tube is generally between 100-200 mm.

Submersible pump is able to place in a pipe with diameter above 160 mm. In case of pipes with smaller diameter, water can be drawn up by tube well pump or manual pumping. The average deep of the tube well is 25 m, withdrawal of water is effected by a pump fitting on the well. Replacement for water is effected from the surrounding water bearing stratum.

Well drilling on groundwater

Drilled well on groundwater is generally made by a simple ply gear tube. So-called tube wells are shorter than 30 m and are built by dry drilling technology. They are generally drilled in gravelly, gritty layer of near-surface which water yield is usually good and have water-replacement from more directions.

What should we know about the professional well-drilling?

It is important to know the aim of the well: irrigation, home-water supply or drinking water. The quality of the ground and the grain structure of the water bearing stratum needs to be measured for the sizing.

Drilled wells on ground water are usually shorter, not deeper than 20 m, but their maximum size can be 50-70 m as well. Drilling of wells with small- and medium size requires serious preparedness, knowledge and experience.

Home-made or non professional made wells can be become unusable shortly or in extreme cases these wells are able to pollute the water bearing stratum. Badly drilled wells are not only detrimental to the environment, but they can cause accidents as well.

It is worth looking for professionals to the well-drilling, otherwise the amateur practitioners can damage the water layer under your property. Safety, environmentally well drilling with professionals and reliable solutions!

Due to having a well with quality water for a long time, entrust professionals with the well drilling! Entrust us with the well drilling!